Effect of diets containing soybean meal or canola meal on anaerobic fungal population in rumen using quantitative competitive PCR.

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1 Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

2 Ferdwosi University of Mashhad


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of substitution of soybean meal with canola meal and measure its effects on
rumen anaerobic fungal population in lactation Iranian of Holstein cows. From d 5 to 56 postpartum, cows were fed diets that
were isoenergetic containing soybean meal (SBM; n = 3) or canola meal (CM; n = 3). Cows were housed in tie stalls and fed
TMR two times a day. Competitive PCR technique was used to evaluate quantitative difference of anaerobic fungal
population within the rumen under the dietary groups. Universal primers were used to amplify a specific region of the rRNA
locus from anaerobic rumen fungi. Standard control DNA was constructed for use in the competitive PCR and was shown to
amplify under the same reaction condition and with the same amplification efficiency as the target DNA. The relative
intensities of PCR products were used to compare variety of fungal population under fed treatments. The signal intensity was
quantified by ImageJ 1.29x and expressed in arbitrary units. The data was analyzed using the GLM procedure of SAS for a
completely randomized design. The rumen fungal population was not impacted by diet but numerically was decreased in the
CM compare with the SBM diet (34.79 and 35.12 ± 1.87 arbitrary units, respectively). The results of this study demonstrated
that substituting soybean meal with canola meal in the early lactation cows had no apparent effect on the fungal population..