General guidelines for submitting an article

How to submit an article

After registering on the journal's website, the corresponding author of the article should enter the 'Submit a New Manuscript' section and carefully fill in all the requested information.

When submitting your article, you need to upload the following files:

  1. Title page: (including Authors’ name, academic position, and affiliations in English language and Persian (only for Farsi manuscript), corresponding author’s email and phone number). The title page must be uploaded separately from the main text.
  2. Main manuscript: (in *.doc or *.docx format) prepared according to the journal’s requested format.
  3. Authorship Statement Form: When submitting a manuscript to the Journal of Agricultural Machinery, all contributing authors are required to complete, sign, and submit an Authorship Statement Form. This form verifies that the manuscript represents authentic and valid work, and that neither this manuscript nor one with significantly similar content under their authorship has been published or is being considered for publication elsewhere, including electronically in the same form, in English or in other languages, without the written consent of the copyright holder. All authors must agree to allow the corresponding author to serve as the primary correspondent with the editorial office, review the edited manuscript, and proofread it. Additionally, the corresponding author is required to specify each author's contribution to the work described in the manuscript.
  4. Conflicts of Interest Form: A Conflict of Interest is defined as a set of conditions in which professional judgment concerning a primary interest, such as the validity of research, may be influenced by a secondary interest, such as financial gain. A Conflict of Interest Disclosure is an agreement or declaration by the author(s) that they have not been paid for the work, or if they have, stating the source of their payment. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure provides readers of the manuscript with information about authors' interests that could influence how they receive the work. The author(s) are obliged to submit a Conflicts of Interest form and assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the submitted manuscript. The Conflict of Interest Disclosure form must be signed by all authors, and it must be stated whether permission has been received to use any material in the manuscript, such as tables, figures, etc., or whether no permission is necessary to publish the authors' work.

Ethics in Publishing

Read Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement for the Journal of Agricultural Machinery (JAM) here

Peer-Review Process

See Peer Review Process in the Journal of Agricultural Machinery here

Instructions for preparing the paper; Writing method

All parts of the paper should be prepared by Word 2007 with a line spacing of 1 and a margin of 2.5 cm on each side.

  • BMitra Persian font with font size 14 and for English Times New Ruman with font size 12..
  • The maximum number of pages of a paper should not exceed 15 pages.
  • Use common punctuations such as periods, commas, etc. correctly.
  • Equations in the text of the paper should be numbered from beginning to the end.
  • The units used in the text of the paper should be based on the International Metric System (SI).
  • Minimize the number of footnotes and start the number of footnotes on each page from one.

Sequence of sections

Essential sections of each paper include: title, Persian abstract, keywords, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion, general conclusion, references, English title and extended English abstract. The suggestions and acknowledgement sections are optional and can be added to the text after the general conclusion section in a summarized form.

1- Title

Title of the paper should be written at the beginning and middle of the first page in bold face. The title should express the content of the paper, be accurate and concise (maximum 15 words). Persian title, Persian abstract and keywords (without mentioning the author names) should be written on the first page.

2- Persian Abstract

Persian abstract must be prepared in a maximum of 250 words. In this part of the paper, the main objectives, materials and methods, results and applications should be mentioned briefly and rationally. Avoid mentioning statistical symbols such as (P <0.05) and references in this part of the paper.

3- Keywords

At the end of the Persian abstract text, a maximum 5 words should be written as keywords (in alphabetical order).

4- Introduction

The introduction should introduce and justify the subject and purpose of the research and should briefly and sufficiently refer to the researchers conducted in the field. Introduction must be provided on a maximum of one page.

5- Materials and methods

A full description of the materials and methods and the experimental design (s) used should be mentioned in this section. Avoid from fully stating the adapted methods and only present the principles and references. Specific, corrective, and innovative materials and methods that others can use in their experiments can be briefly mentioned. Tables or figures can be used to introduce specific treatments or test methods, if necessary.

6- Results and discussion

Tables, figures, images, and curves can be used to present the results, but should not be duplicated in separate formats. In each part of this section where the results are presented, they should be analyzed and discussed mainly with the results of the similar researches. The conclusions of each topic should be noted at the end of that part.


  • Titles and data information in the table should be written in both Persian and English, but the numbers should be stated in English form only.
  • The font of title and contents of the table should be in B Mitra for Persian and Times New Roman for English with the size of 10. The table subscript notes should be prepared in font size of 9.
  • Title of the table should be written at the top and center text format and indicate the results contained. Separate the title from the table number with a dash. The table word and its number should only be in bold face.


  • The pattern of the figures should be exactly the same as the sample shape below:
  • The title of the figure, the title of the horizontal and vertical axes of the figure should be written in both Persian and English. But the numbers in English.
  • Each horizontal and vertical axis must contain a complete and uniform explanation. The unit should be written after the axis title in parentheses.
  • The title of the figure should be written below the figure in center text alignment and represent the content presented in the figure.
  • The font size of the title and the contents of the figure should be 10 B Mitra for Persian and 10 Times New Roman for English. Subscript should be written in font size of 9. In general, only the figure and its number should be in bold face.
  • Use English numbers on horizontal and vertical axes in figures. Note: For the figure, use black and white patterns and the background color in all figures should be white.
  • Avoid bringing round boxes and longitudinal lines in the figures.
  • Try to work well on figures with Excel software to get the highest quality outcome.

 7-General conclusions

The general conclusions and recommendations of the research should be mentioned in this section. If the author(s) have any suggestions from the research for the readers, they can note them in this section.

8- Acknowledgement

The section is optional and the author(s) can acknowledge the funders, facilities and people who have helped in the research in a maximum of 3 lines after accepting the paper for publishing, so it is strongly recommended that the author(s) avoid from adding this section to the paper at all stages before final acceptance.

9- References

All the references should be cited throughout the manuscript text as well as in the Reference section organized in accordance with the APA reference style

The list of sources should be arranged first in alphabetical order and then in chronological order and written in English. Also, authors are advised to refer to the sources of the last ten years instead of old sources. Make sure that all sources cited in the text are included in the reference list. Authors are strongly advised to use resource management tools such as "Endnote" for citation and list of references.

  • The DOI ID (if any) is required at the end of each reference.
  • It is necessary to mention the phrase "In Persian" in parentheses at the end of Persian sources that have been translated into English.
  • Compliance the spelling and all aspects of the Journal format and sending the submission form are required for initial evaluation. Please download the required files from the following links:

Article Processing Charge (APCs)

 Iranian Journal of Animal Science Research does not receive any money from the authors for the initial review of the articles. But the articles that are accepted after going through the judging process must pay the amount of two million rials for the editing and printing costs of the articles.

To get more information and see examples of this section, refer to the file on how to write.

It should be noted that respected authors whose articles have reached the revision stage, in order to speed up and facilitate the refereeing process, it is necessary to send the revised article file as well as the response file to the referees. In this file, the problems and points of view of each of the referees should be mentioned by mentioning the number of the referee and the same problem or point of view, and in the next line, the answer should be mentioned.