Keywords = Dairy cow
Number of Articles: 9
3. Evaluation of a Dynamic Model of Nitrogen Metabolism in the Lactation

Volume 8, Issue 4, Spring 2017, Pages 569-583


saeid kamel Orumieh; َAbbasali Naserian; Reza Valizadeh; Fatemeh Helen Ghaneh; Mohammad Banayane Aval

5. Effect of enlarging the number of reference population cows and imputed markers on reliability of genomic prediction in Jersey breed

Volume 6, Issue 3, Winter 2014, Pages 270-278


Davood Karimi; Mojtaba Tahmoores pur; Mohammad dadpasand; Ali Asghar Aslami nejad; Mogens Sando Lund

9. The effect of diets containing dried and ensiled tomato pulp on performance of Holstein dairy cow

Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2010


rashid Safari; reza Valizadeh; javad Bayato kuhsar; abas ali Nasserian; abdol mansor Tahmasbi