Keywords = Degradability
Number of Articles: 12
2. Effect of dairy cow dietary cation source and DCAD on invitro rumen fermentation parameters

Volume 12, Issue 2, Summer 2020, Pages 181-195


yaser Feizdar barabadiy; Seyyed Ehsan Ghiasi; mohammad bagher montazar torbati

10. Comparing the Effect of Ionizing Radiations of Electron Beam and Gamma Ray on Ruminal Degradation Kinetics of Soybean Meal Protein and Amino acids

Volume 5, Issue 4, Spring 2013


Farzad Ghanbari; Taghi Ghoorchi; Parvin Shawrang; Hormoz Mansoori; noor mohammad Torbati Nejad

11. Resistance of Microencapsulated Fish Oil in the Rumen and Its Effect on Gas Production and Rumen Degradability

Volume 4, Issue 3, Autumn 2012


R. Safari; R. Valizadeh; R. Kadkhodaee; N. Alamolhodaei; A. Tahmasbi; A. Naserian