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Number of Articles: 8
1. Effect of Biochar with Vitamin C as Replacement of Dietary Mineral Supplements on Performance and Egg Shell Quality of Laying Hens

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 28 November 2021


Fatemeh Ahmadi; Mohsen Afsharmanesh; Mohammad salarmoini

2. Effect of Autolyzed Yeast on Performance, Egg Quality, Microbial Population and Intestinal Morphology of Laying Hens

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 24 January 2022


Smayyeh Salari; Karim Javidaneh

3. Effects of Different Levels of Black Seed Meal on Laying Hens Performance in Second Production Cycle

Volume 13, Issue 2, Summer 2021, Pages 263-273


Mohammad Reza Ghorbani; ahmad tatar; somaye salari; M.hadi soleymani; Solmaz Khalili Samani

4. Effect of dietary energy and nutrients density on performance and egg quality in the 2nd production cycle in laying hens

Volume 12, Issue 2, Summer 2020, Pages 197-209


Saeed Bagheri; Abolghasem Golian; Hassan Nasiri Moghaddam; Heydar Zarghi

5. Investigating behavior changes of laying hens molted by high dietary zinc

Volume 8, Issue 2, Autumn 2016, Pages 351-360


Smayyeh Salari; Somayyeh Salari

6. The effect of dietary protein and lysine on egg quality and production of laying hens during 28-42 weeks of age

Volume 6, Issue 4, Spring 2014, Pages 333-341


Hasan Mohammadi Emarat; Abolghasem Golian; Abdolmansoor Tahmasebi; Hasan Kermanshahi